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Phobias come in all shapes and sizes.
Now you can do something about yours.

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Call or text for your complimentary phone consultation. You don't have to suffer with the typical terrorizing response of a phobia any longer.

Take back your life by giving your imagination a better perspective

While in a safe, relaxed state, you'll reprocess the memory that activated the phobia so it becomes 'ordinary' and non- threatening rather than the one that created a terror response.

One-on-One Phobia Relief Session

Your session is personal, private, and custom-tailored for you. We'll go through the process that's best for you.

Immediate results in most cases!

You know how to do that phobia perfectly every time, don't you? It's the achievement of a very fast learner -- you.

Going, going, gone for good -- from your life!

Once your phobia is gone, that's it. Once you realize it has no power over you, it doesn't come back. That's a wonderful thing.

Client Testimonials

Our client's personal experiences speak as a loud and clear of what we're doing our best to be.

  • “ After the first session Jerry explained that the fear of spiders would no longer control my best friend's reactions but allow her to consciously choose how to react.
    Read Landon's full testimonial

    Landon Cooper
    Freedom from Arachnophobia (one session)
  • “An hour and a half later I was able to get on elevators without any hesitation. (That's huge!) Three days later I flew and it was a very positive experience! I feel like such a weight has been lifted.
    Read Tracy's full testimonial

    Tracy Alward
    Freedom from Claustrophobia / Aerophobia (one session)

“What aren't you any longer when the phobia
is no longer part of your life?”

Jerry Zaryczny CHt, NGH
Certified Hypnotist #ID 39571

The Institute of Human Imagination
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Call or text anytime so we can set up a complimentary consultation to assess and remedy your phobia relief session.

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